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After A Warranty

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Hiya folks,

Had the ST for a few weeks now and love it, so im looking longterm and wish to look into getting a warranty for the car for when the dealer one runs out in January.

Anyone recommend a 3rd party warranty at all, preferably one that uses franchised dealer for repairs/parts as I wish to maintain the Ford history.
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Well had a little look online at a few warranty companies, WOW talk about difference in price.

Click4Warranty want £371 for 3 years cover, this includes Turbo, ABS and Airbag cover with their 5 Star service.
Warranty Direct want £590 for 1 years cover, this is their Luxury pack which covers pretty much everything besides consumables.

Both offer wear and tear cover, but exclude brake pads, discs, fluids etc.
I just got mine done through fords.

Just contacted ford, they would offer the Ford Protect Gold warranty for £399 for 1 Year.
Im a salesperson at a ford garage in Bristol, can offer the 12months on the ST at £349 without AA cover
Or, £379 with AA cover.

PM me your contact details and i'll call you back.

Edit, it's the Ford Protect gold, and can be used at any main dealer.
Question is though, why such a large difference between warranties ?

400 for 1 year with Ford or
400 for 3 years with Click4Warranty

600 for 1 year with Warranty Direct seems insane if Ford are only 400.
Have a look at warrnty works, when i brought my car I had this not renewed it though.
I payed £550 for 3yrs and got 3yrs breakdown cover aswell. this was with Ford.

550 for 3 years with ford i would gladly pay right now

QUOTE(FocusOwner @ 5 Nov 2009, 07:20 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I payed £550 for 3yrs and got 3yrs breakdown cover aswell. this was with Ford.

I am a qualified financial adviser so am used to dealing with policies and their terms and conditions. Although car warranties are not my area of expertise, there are generic similarities in all policies and the following observations and thoughts are just my opinion, hoping to help.

I would suggest that you get what you pay for like any protection policy, read the small print/terms and conditions. Personally I would only consider policies issued by Ford themselves. With the third party warranties, especially cheaper ones, you might find they are not worth the paper they are written on when you want to claim. I know with some you pay for the work first then have to claim back under the policy. They will then do their utmost to get out of paying by quoting various exclusions which could be hidden in the terms and conditions. There may also be an excess and claim limits. That's why the more comprehensive policies cost more. I think you also need to question which garages are applicable to use under the policy terms, i.e. would it be main dealer?

I suppose it all comes down to getting the best deal for your budget and £371 for 3 years sounds great but I'd sooner pay £349 for a 1 year warranty with Ford.
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