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Hi All,

The snow and ice has caught a number of us out over the last couple of weeks, and I'm one of them !

Going round a bend very slowly (15mph) my car lost traction and silently slid straight into the curb/fence and upon relatively light impact, damaged the nearside bumper.

It's not major, but has resulted in a couple of small cracks/splits and a tear where it meets the wheel arch, and is generally slightly warped on that side of the bumper.

The bumper was already a bit scuffed, so I'm interested in buying a completely new one, but here are some things I wanted to ask:

1. What and where are the things I should consider to sort this out ?
2. Are there any extra parts I would need to buy apart from just the bumper ? (seals/mounting blocks etc)
3. The cost of spraying a brand new part ? (standard ST170 dark Grey)
4. Fittable myself, or defo a garage job ?



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