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Advice On Best Products

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My OH has asked me for a list of cleaning products for the
for xmas

I currently use the Autoglym bodywork shampoo, alloy wheel cleaner, have only used the super resin once
and never used the extra gloss protection, mainly due to the fact it always looks good enough after a simple wash and dry over! However, im now out of the shampoo so im looking at trying something different. As its a black
, i have a nightmare with swirl marks and light scratches ( which i know the super resin/extra gloss will remove!) Halfrauds are doing a package deal on the megs gold class shampoo and gold class wax. Is this a route to take? Also are any waxes/polsihes suitable for the plastic trim bits ie, the fog surrounds. if people could list what they use bearing in mind im not a cleaning freak but want the showroom looks again.
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I use the Megs Gold Class shampoo on mine every week and the wax once a year
and it looks great once it's been cleaned imho.
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Here is some of the stuff i use;

CYC - Super Snow Foam
Chemical Guys - Maxi Suds II
Chemical Guys - Citrus Wash & Gloss
Chemical Guys - Strong Wash (Bug
CYC - Fine PolyClay
Sonus Glyde Detailing Clay Lubricant
Chemical Guys - Premium Blue Rim & Wheel Cleaner
Chemical Guys - Wheel Guard
CYC - DAS-6 Dual Action Polisher
Sonus SFX-1 - Swirl and Scrtach Remover Pad
Sonus SFX-2 Paint Polishing Pad
Sonus SFX-3 Final Finish & Wax Pad
3.5 inch Dual-Action Spot Pad Backing Plate
Sonus SFX-1 Spot Pad
Sonus SFX-2 Spot Pad
Sonus SFX-3 Spot Pad
Meguiars - SwirlX
Menzerna Power Gloss
Menzerna Power Finish
Menzerna Supper Finnish
Sonus SFX-2 Enhance Polish
Sonus SFX-3 Final Finish Polish
Autoglym SRP
PoorBoys - Black Hole
Chemical Guys Wet Mirror Finish
Dodo Juice - Lime Prime Lite
Dodo Juice - Purple Haze
Chemical Guys - New Look Trim Gel
Meguiars NXT Glass Cleaner
Meguiars NXT All Metal Polish
Meguiars - All Season Dressing
Meguiars Last Touch
Gliptone Liquid Leather Cleaner
Foam Lance - Karcher fitting
Sonus Sheepskin Wash Mitt
Foam Wax Applicators
Meguiars Wheel Spoke Brush
Sonus SFX Pro Applicators
Sonus Der Wunder Applicators
Huge 38" x 28" Microfibre Drying Towel
Leather Cleaning Brush
Microfibre towelsChemical
Guys - Microfibre WASH+

All from
And its all for my
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Meguiars is the way forward for me


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Werkstat acrylic works really good. lasts for ages. I use it on my white st and my sister uses this on her black golf.
It's a certainty that whatever products are recommended here are going to do the job well, but if there is two products I would suggest for ultimate looks at affordable price then the Blackfire Gloss Enhancing polish followed by Blackfire Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection is where it is at.
Check out

You will spend a fortune

But theres some great read up's and reports etc
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