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Addison Tyre Centre In Tipton

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Hi All,

Had my car for a few months now, but always had a slight vibration on the steering wheel. I took my car to my local ATS for all wheel balancing and tracking. All was ok, until I had two wheels refurbished, vibration had returned. So back to ATS who once again balanced my wheels. Only this time my car was a hundred times worse (shaking between 60 and 80 mph) I should have taken it back to them but I had little faith in them correcting it.

Anyway, after searching the internet I came across a company called Addison tyres in Tipton, well what can I say, I cant recommend them enough. They have done a 4 wheel alignment and 4 wheel balancing with a print out of the alignment. I honestly could not believe how far the car was out especially the back wheels, the car is like brand new and there is a whole different feel to the car, an excellent job well pleased

If any one in the West Midlands is looking for a top quality service and very competitive rates, give Addison tyres a call 0121 557 4019 or check out the link below;
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I assume you will be asking ATS for a full refund.
I hadn't thought about that, maybe I should as I still have all their receipts and readings.

Thanks for that Alan.
used Addison tyre for years now, great bunch of blokes and they look after your wheels also good prices from there
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