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Hi All

As some of you have seen Chris from the Fiesta STOC club is arranging an Ace Cafe meet for the 9th of Feb 11am to 4pm.

Link to original post http://www.focusstoc...on-visits-2013/

This is a great oppertiunity to get together in the new year and show off your shiny new toys we got for Christmas (Byron not the shiny toy your thinking of please).

There are a number of Fiesta STOC members going so would be good if we could get 10-20 Focus ST members coming too. Those that havnt been to the Ace Cafe its a great venue with all the facilities we need.

So if you can let me know if your coming we can begin to get an idea of numbers. I also think it will be a great oppertuniy to do a few prizes for best Fiesta and best focus and then best car - i will presonally organise this with Chris from the Fiesta STOC should be we get some good numbers turning up.

Let me know below !!!!

1.) Adam.H.ST
2.) Byron - You always come - lol
3.) AlexST500 - with stripes

4.) Ian - Work permitting

5.) Daniel Fletcher - Dan
6.) Kraigy
7.) RattleHead85 - Work permitting

8.) motopeter95200 + Mate Rich in his M3

9.) Les + the boss

10.) Colin-PB
11.) Swindon_ST2
11.) Gaz ST
12.) Hayley.x
13.) Ant ST170
14.) Ben302
15.) Mike J
16.) Ian
17.) STeve240
18.) Jakeryda91
19.) Y9STW_Sam
20.) British Beef - subject to car running
21.) Marc_ST
22.) Jacko999
23.) Bullyanddolly
24.) Claire27
25.) Andyholt1 - Mk2 RS
26.) ziffbobbit
27.) Chezzagirl
28.) Osama80

Fiesta STOC:

1.) WeSTy (Maybe)
2.) Bensommers
3.) Alex21
4.) andy22690 (Depending on car)
5.) Mustard (Maybe)
6.) Dan 223 (Maybe)
7.) Boroffc
8.) Coolblue
9.) Flange
10.) Saint_Jimmy4
11.) BartlettboyST



1.) <Neil> (Maybe)​
2.) Martin C​
3.) Stuey D​
4.) Bigdal​


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I already had lol it ain't an STOC meet without our fav Mexican lol haha

How's the motor with the new exhaust ?
Ha ha, muchas gratsius my amego.

Yeah boost builds soooooo much quicker the difference is night and day so happy with it. Oh amd the noise omg
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