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A word of encouragement for any undecided would be ST owners.

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Hi Folks

Two years ago in December 2013 I bought my lovely ST2 with 7000 miles on the clock still had the original tyres and had never seen rain or snow till my ownership which I posted on here. Two years and 65500 miles later and the only thing it has cost me is a reverse switch for £7.00. I drive over 100 miles per day and love it.

The oil is changed every 6-8K miles along with the air cleaner element etc.

I put a new set of tyres on 10K ago and that is it. Think I now need a new wheel bearing and I will ask for a pm please for Tim Williams number in Leicester.

So just to encourage anyone who is undecided to bite the bullet and go for it. Just do your research prior to, to make sure you get a good one from the start.

You will not regret it.
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Well I bought mine thinking I will run it over the summer and sell it on. Was planning on running it around 6 month.

3 year later. Still got it.
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I've had two STs and driven them for 8 years now and still love doing so.

Best cars I've had in 25 years of hot hatches.
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Great thread, thanks mate! A nice positive thread for once ha!
The ST is just a great all round car. Ok fair enough I don't use mine every day, But it is just an ideal every day car, Whether your using it as a hot hatch or a family car.

As I say. I bought mine just under 3 year ago. Was just a thought I fancy a Focus ST. Wasn't planning on keeping it long, thought maybe 6 month or so.

Few of my mates, even the wife said you wont keep it that long as I like BMW`s. Ran Bm`s for the last 12 year or so. Probably even longer than that. Every time I changed from BMW I always went back to one within a couple of month. But when I was younger I always had Fords, So that's why I thought I will go back to Ford, With the Focus ST in mind, relive my youth :D

I will be honest I never thought for a minute I would still have it. Iv never owned a car that made me smile as much as the Focus does. Maybe that's down to the fact I don't use it every day. So its appreciated more when I do use it.
I went to BMWs for my last few cars mate but had constant problems with them, the last...a 10 plate 330d m sport, the gearbox went with only 50k and cost £3.5k!
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