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Around 12:30, went into wash the
.... 'several shocked faces who had been out, shopped, and returned, to still see me polishing my car' later at 15:30
and this was the result....

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Sky

Wheel Vehicle Tire Car Grille

Tire Wheel Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Sky

Tire Car Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

Hope it shows in the pics
You have to view them large to appreciate the cleaniness

In the process of making a Mountune Video as well. Tried to do one today, but the road was too turny, plus my battery ran out on my camera
man would I have been annoyed if that happened just as I went to take the first pic
Will post the vid if people request it.



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loving that mate, i think facelifts are best in blue!

Cant wait to get my car back from bodyshop to give it a full wax and polish.

As previously mentioned cleaning the insides of the wheels makes all the difference.

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QUOTENice, looks really good. Not sure why you then went to a muddy car park. lol.

you're telling me! Wasnt planning to go there, but thats where the roaded ended up! Got out the car to find mud sprayed all up the back
least to say, the words that followed consisted of
quick wet shammy later and she was sorted again.

looking very clean mate, nice to see the wheels clean on the inside to looks loads better.
Don,t you fancy any side stripes on her?

Yeah i know, im a huge fan of cleaning inside the wheels, makes such a difference on a car, as well as making sure your discs are kept clean too
and as for side stripes, hmm, really not sure yet, not a big fan yet. In the
brouchure, theres a blue
in that with like silver stripes over the top, thats looks awesome, but I dont want to do it because im worried it will ruin the sleak look of the car. Its yellow calipers for me in the next few weeks first

QUOTEdone a good job there mate, wana come do mine for me

Ummm, no!
took me long enough to do my own!
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