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2010 FL Focus ST aka Vader225

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Hi guys.This forum is really awesome so i figured it would be a nice place to keep track of what i do to my ST.

I have no clue if it is an st2 or st3,maybe somebody can identify it for me lol.

Quick summary...I bought it in February with 120 000km on the clock.It was completely stock besides a decat.

Mods i have done so far are:
-Resonator delete
-Motorcade bottom mount intake
-ARC coilovers
-Polished the headlights
-Full LED package

Mods i have on order
-Maxton lip
-RS wing
-Rogue performance 76mm downpipe
-Pumaspeed BOV

I plan to have the block mod,waterpump and cambelt done towards the end of May.

I'll just post a few random pics now.One a pic of what i used to drive before getting my st.Another is of my buddys st.His dad has a 225 and a 250 so they've been really helpful.
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Found one of the culprits to my misfire issue..

Tool Hand tool Metalworking hand tool Gas Automotive exterior

Fitted a used set of oem coilpacks and it made a HUGE difference.I have a set of plugs arriving either today or tomorrow and I do plan on buying a brand new set of coilpacks once stock arrives.

Ordered a catch can and a pair of new headlights because the ones I have are properly fked.
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At this time,I'd just like to get it running properly because it's been giving me grief since the start of the year.Once that is done then I'd probably focus on maintenance for a while.I'd like to refresh all suspension components and bushes.
So I think my turbo fked out today.

Was going around 120 on the freeway and heard a pop.The car lost power.Gave it a few revs and the boost guage doesn't move at all.Limped it to my mom's house.There is no engine light or smoke or noises from the engine though there is a slight whistle/howl from the turbo at around 3k rpms.I checked the boost pipes and they all seem to be in place.The car idles perfectly.

Classic symptoms of a hose popping off.
Did you get a close look at all of the joints?
Hi yes I under it and checked all pipes but sadly everything was in order.

Took off the cross over and gave it a few revs and it is definitely the turbo.

Just deciding between keeping it stock turbo or going DS turbo X as all I would need is map,actuator spring and the turbo.

Spats fitted lol
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Got a pair of headlights and a catch can.Car is going in tomorrow for a replacement turbo and a service.I miss it so damn much.

Just some random pics of my buddies STs.Proud to say my 225 will whip all of them badly lol.

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So the car is practically sorted now.

New turbo fitted,catch can fitted,GFB fitted,oil service done,plugs fitted.It is just the damn coilpacks that we are waiting for.I have not experienced boost in over a month.I am dying slowly.
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What turbo did you go for?
Stock KO4.Considered the hybrid route but they have a bad rep here in South Africa.
Stock KO4.Considered the hybrid route but they have a bad rep here in South Africa.
Ahh ok, I'm going the hybrid route myself. Why such the bad rep in sa?
Seems like its a mix of bad tuning and poor quality hybrids.They seem to run super hot and most that have gone down that route usually end up with damaged engines or going back to stock turbo.
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