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Morning Guys, and Girls.

I have two very new, different clicking noises at the moment!

First one, is --- when get in the car in the morning (so cold start) and turn the wheel i get a clicking noise, happens no matter which way i turn the wheel and does it while not moving. Once i start to move off the noise stops???? Read forum posts about possible drive shaft? but i was under the impression that it would only make a noise when moving? maybe wrong on that one.

Second one is --- When its cold in a morning i get a VERY loud clicking noise (like a knocking) when i turn on the heated front windscreen. If i turn it off, noise goes away. But its really really loud! Sounds like a pneumatic drill going off under bonnet.

Add both these clicks together and you get a major headache, not what you want when your going work lol!

If anyone can offer any information it would be appriciated.
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