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  1. West Midlands
    Hello. I have an issue with my wife car - Ford Focus 1.5 TDCI 2016 The engine stopped responding while she was driving it (35-40 mph), after that it wouldn't start again, the guy from RAC said to her that the cambelt snapped in 99% after taking a few screws from the belt cover and asking her to...
  2. The Midlands
    Hi all not sure if it's okay to post this on here or under this topic but I work for Jaguar Land Rover Castle Bromwich/ Castle Vale when I got back to the car park my car had been stolen. It's a black ford focus st2 VK08 NXZ they smashed the drivers window and drove out the car park past the so...
  3. West Midlands
    KARTING DATE POLL , which day suits you best?WHICH WOULD YOU PREFER2ND MARCH00.00%9TH MARCH216.67%16TH MARCH18.33%23RD MARCH650.00%any of the above325.00%
  4. West Midlands
    FORD FAIR 2013 Since there is no convoy for Ford Fair this year i thought it was time to get one started!!! This is open to all regions, the more the merrier! We will be meeting at the same points as last year and convoying along the same route to Silverstone, unless others have some more...
  5. The Midlands
    Hi All, A small group of us (known to many locals as the Chicken Crew) have been having regular meets 'up our end' for a while now and since we have found a suitable breakfast venue, we thought we would invite along anybody else that would like to attend a meet but finds the normal venue of...
1-5 of 5 Results