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  1. Car Care and Detailing
    So with the weather being unusually unbritish, it gave me some time to really clean up the car. Gave it a good machine polish , sealed then waxed. Sorted out the exhaust tips and also cleaned the engine bay. Happy with how it's turned out, any suggestions on what waxes work well with this colour?
  2. Car Care and Detailing
    Hey guys, Gave the car a wash :buffer: - normally just finish with autofinesse tripple then tough coat - (great product by the way so easy to use for a beginner)! Anyway thought as i've had good results with their sealant and AIO polish I would try layer their wax on top of the sealant...
  3. Car Care and Detailing
    Hi Folks, I've got some white wax residue on some of my black trim, door mirrors, roof rails etc. I find it a pain to remove. Is there an easy way to get it off, some sort of solvent?? Any help appreciated :cheers:
  4. Car Care and Detailing
    I can't rate this product highly enough! It is truly amazing! I use it all the time on my panther black St3 and the results are outstanding! So easy to use, (no scratches which I was worried about) and even works on glass, plastics and alloys. My car has a deep, glossy black showroom appearance...
  5. Car Care and Detailing
    So I spent the last couple of days detailing my focus because the weather here has been great! Thought i'd share what I did along with a few pics, they aren't the best as I just took them with my phone but you get the idea! So I started off by giving her a good wash, used meguiars gold class...
  6. Car Care and Detailing
    Hi Guys, Just after some info whats the difference between the hard and soft DODO juice waxes apart from the obvious one's hard one's soft? What are the pro's and con's of each? I have perfomance blue and am looking at either blue velvet or purple haze. Cheers Mark
  7. Car Care and Detailing
    Well hello knowledgeable people, once again I wish to pick your brains. I have been looking at poorboys black hole (sounds a bit rotten but lets ignore that) and also carlack 68. I am a bit confused though, there seems to be two carlack 68 products Long life sealant...
  8. Car Care and Detailing
    i have just clayed my moondust silver st last week and treated it with some collinite476, whilst im fairly happy with the results i want a even wetter look , i dont have a machine or dual action poliher as yet, i prefer the hands on aproach as i dont trust my self with one ,it looks to much...
1-10 of 10 Results