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  1. Mk2 Interior, Heating, Air Con, Noises & Smells
    Hi people, I did search through but couldn't see anything that resembles my issue so if this has been posted before my apologies The issue j have is that when the car is stationary the heat blows out nice and warm like you would expect. But when driving along it blows out bassicly cold, I have...
  2. Mk2 Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    Hi dudes, AUTOTECH in sweden are selling these. It is listed in both ST and RS section of their website. You can get them at JWR aswell. There have been a small rumor from JWR, that states that one of their customers could not get it to fit to the ST block, but to me this sounds strange. ST...
  3. Other Marque | Automotive Discussion
    Sorry guys, I am going to bug you all again. This topic may earn me "numpty" of the year but it's regarding the cooling system on my sisters Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec (Non Air Con). Due to a coolant leak, the top hose from the radiator to the Thermostat Housing, the hose is loosing water at the...
1-3 of 3 Results