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  1. Project Threads
    Hey everyone! I did original but up a post about my build but think i messed this up and put it in another category, so nothing like a fresh start! A bit of back history: Back in May 17 I bought a 65 plate ST-3 in Stealth and shortly began to modify it, as you do! :lol: I had this car for...
  2. New User Meet and Greet
    After three very long weeks of waiting. I picked her up yesterday. Love a new car smell :)
  3. Mk3 Bodywork & Styling
    I currently have heko wind deflectors on my focus and these increase road noise which is a pain. Not only that they also dont let me manually fold my mirrors. I have just put in an order for a stealth grey st3 which has powerfold question being, do the ford approved climair...
  4. Focus ST Mk3 Non Technical Discussion
    but almost the end of my MK3 ST3 ownership but I'll still remain on this forum as it's been great! Look out for a good Stealth 15 Plate on the market soon. Will have about 7.8k miles on it once I've traded it in, so a good car for the next owner to enjoy! edit: Look out for the internal decals...
  5. Focus ST Mk3 Non Technical Discussion
    So, today is the day! It's a bit like ChriSTmas day for me at the moment! As some of you already know, I'm trading in my ST185 STealth for an ST250 STealth, so I've been up since 6, even though I don't collect until 12! This afternoon will mainly consist of cleaning and changing bulbs, oh and...
  6. Was It You... Focus ST Spotters!
    Spotted a stealth grey Mk3 hatchback (not estate) at the lights near the new Travel Lodge/Asda/train station in Poole on Monday 23.01.2017 at about 16:10. Believe I saw club stickers on the side... Reg began HJ66 Anyone on here?
  7. Was It You... Focus ST Spotters!
    Spotted you waiting at the lights to go over the flyover into Poole at Hunger Hill roundabout (near Asda/Animal HQ/RNLI). Was on Monday at about 12:50, reg began PL15 (if I remember right!). Appeared to have some form of blue inlays and possibly some Volk or Rota Grid alloys in black...sounded...
  8. Focus ST Mk3 Non Technical Discussion
    Well just picked my car up from my detailer! Light was weird as we had a huge storm cloud blowing over. I am well chuffed with the finish. Car decontaminated with Iron X and then snowfoam and wash Blower dried Every panel wiped down with pre clean then crystal serum...
  9. Mk3 Miscellaneous
    HI all, I have 2 questions; the first being more aimed at any ST3 in Stealth, the second being aimed at Diesel: Is anyone having issues with soft paintwork with the stealth? I've done 900 miles and it's absolutely coated in stone chips. There are also quite a few paint defects from what I can...
  10. Project Threads
    So my Stealth Grey ST3 TDCI is 2 weeks old today. Really impressed with the car so far. Got quite a few things planned for it. Will add photos to show any progress. Firstly, a few shots from the day I collected the car..
  11. Focus ST Mk3 Non Technical Discussion
    ... cos I've just picked up my new car! :Dance: :woohoo: :3FL-SG: Pics to follow.
  12. Project Threads
    I collected my car yesterday and installed my first mod today so thought I'd start a thread. I have plenty more planned but they will be added as and when funds allow. First up, K&N E-9289 open end filter. This is the filter Mountune were / still are using as part of their induction kit. It...
  13. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Post your SG pics here :) :3FL-SG:
  14. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Hi, Is anyone that's adept at Photoshop able to knock up a quick pic of what a Stealth FL ST would look like with a gloss black roof as I'm considering a vinyl wrap but not sure if it'll look good or not. You would have my eternal gratidue and some virtual beers ;) Thanks
  15. Project Threads
    Proud to be finally posting my first post of my ST build thread! I adore the MK2 ST and believe ford really did set the standard when it came to hot hatches when they made these! In may 2013 I became the proud owner of a 2011 panther black ST and I truly have feel in love with her! I haven't...
1-18 of 18 Results