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  1. Mk3 Bodywork & Styling
    I have a white Mk3 pfl. Ive fitted the maxton splitter (really like), a KMS catback exhaust and have some blue graphics being fitted on the sides next Friday as well as some wind deflectors on order. But right now Im looking at simple options to make the front end more aggressive. Vents - Im...
  2. Mk2 Bodywork & Styling
    Hi, Does anyone know where i can get a flush fitting splitter for the front of a mk2 facelift st: all the ones that i seem to be able to locate are the ones that have a gap under the lip instead of fitting against the bumper flush: I think the flush ones look way better.
  3. Focus ST Mk3 Non Technical Discussion
    Hi, new to here and picking up my 2012 ST3 hatch in spirit blue next week, I would like to add some subtle styling extras and I quite like the look of the £119 front splitter, the rear "side splitters" and the spoiler extension in gloss from this company...
  4. Focus ST Mk2 Non Technical Discussion
    So I went ahead and purchase a trc splitter from Jw racing. I ordered a pfl splitter for my st225, however got what I think is a facelift splitter instead. Can anyone help me out by showing me their pics of a pfl or fl splitter, cheers.
  5. North West
    Hi Chaps, I'm looking for recommendations of a decent Body Shop in North West, as close to the WN7 area as possible. I'm interested in having the lower lip of the front bumper sprayed black, Front splitter installed and bonnet vents fitted to a Frozen White Mk2.5 ST, any recommendations for a...
  6. Focus ST Mk3 Non Technical Discussion
    hello I'm selling my rear bumper of my focus st 250 mk3 2012 model good condition primed and ready to be painted to desired colour, comes with reflector lights. I'm located in the north west area and I'm willing to deliver, offers please....
  7. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Any 1 got a eo pfl with a splitteron the front please as i want to see them before i get 1 :) chheers in advance!
  8. Scotland
    for anyone who wants splitters or diffusers get in touch with nick he will be up at sitech on the 16th aug for vent fitting. he no longer posts diffusers or splitters anymore so take this chance to get one hand delivered by the man himself. facelift diffuser in black primer £150 pre facelift...
  9. Mk2 Bodywork & Styling
    hi, anyone got any ideas of how to fix a crack in my front splitter. i am thinking i will reinforce it underneath using some fibre glass but want to smooth the top off so it matches the rest of the splitter and fills the crack - will black epoxy do the job?
  10. Mk2 Bodywork & Styling
    First off, apologies if this is a re-post, send a link if so. I really want to turn the front of the ST into this? Is it just a case of getting a splitter and painting the lower grill gloss black? Does the splitter cover the bottom of the bumper or does that need spraying also? I just can't...
  11. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    So a few bits done this week of which i am very pleased with !!! -matte black wrapped lower front splitter -rear valance around exhaust wrapped matte black -dmb' Colorado red badges This was the before shot. hope you like it
  12. Mk2 Bodywork & Styling
    Hi all, I am getting my car lowered with eibach pros next weekend and am planning on putting a front splitter. The one thing that is stopping me ordering the splitter is the worry over ground clearance. I know it will have an effect but with the lowering how much is it going to impact the...
  13. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Benn a while waiting but finaly I came home to a Parcel today! After ide finished drying my Y Fronts I decided to fit them! Sorry about the quality but it was dark by the time ide finished! Thanks again Nick mate!
1-20 of 20 Results