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  1. Focus ST Mk2 Non Technical Discussion
    Is there a difference between the PFL and FL wings. Had the bad news mine have rotted bahind the bodykit end caps. Also where is it possible to get replacements, thanks.
  2. New User Meet and Greet
    Hi Bought my first ST last year and had it in the garage mainly. Love the car and (finally) Just done stage 2 correction on my PFL 55 plate Be interested to know the history of owners.
  3. MK2 Focus ST parts For Sale or Wanted
    Anyone got a bonnet for sale? Can collect Cheers
  4. Mk2 Bodywork & Styling
    Just curious, has anyone replaced the PFL tailgate with a FL tailgate? Or does know if it's just straight swap or not? (undo existing tailgate and attach new one). Also i presume i can just replace the tailgate without having to replace the bumper, cant i. I like/prefer the stlye of the FL...
  5. Mk2 Bodywork & Styling
    Morning, sorry if this has been answered already I tried searching but Im on phone and its a bit tricky. Does anyone know if the side skirts are the same for Mk2 across all years or is there a difference between pre and facelift? Thanks 👍
  6. Mk3 Brakes, Wheels & Tyres
    Last service for the car picked up that the front pads were down to about 30% so looking to change them before the next service rather than being forced to pay dealer prices. However Im not sure whether to go for OEM replacements or an alternative such as EBC. What I should everyone else...
  7. Was It You... Focus ST Spotters!
    Orange pfl pulling out of BP petrol station on Lancing seafront on 9th March Didn't get a chance to wave back! *Waves* :)
  8. The Midlands
    Evening All Since buying the focus i havent really taken it out with the cameras attached to get some decent footage. Previously owned a Type R (FN2) which i was regularly putting videos together for when on Civinfo, mostly ending up on instagram but some on youtube as well. Im planning on...
  9. Project Threads
    From the begining I was looking at 4x 150 mm ralley lights (yes there are only 3 in the pictures). But coudn't install them so they looked clean. So instead I Xenon converted my high beam, 50W. I drive a lot on poorly lighted roads with much wildlife (deer, rabbit, phesans, and pesants :P). So...
  10. Mk3 Lighting & Electrical
    Hi, anyone that know which parts needed for upgrading to a touch stereo (OEM)? I have a Sony with BT (OEM) ST2/ST3. 8 speakers, no sub. I want the 8" touch screen with or w/o nav. It doesnt matter really. Just need the parts number for all parts needed.
  11. Mk3 Petrol Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    Hi does anyone know if the pfl revo induction kit can be used with the fl as i know the MAF sensor is different i was hoping there would be an adapter?
  12. Mk3 Lighting & Electrical
    Hi, i need some help from someone with an Mk3 prefacelift with parking sensors. Could You take out your stereo and check how many (and take pictures) connectors there are in the top display? See attached video: You do not have to disconnect the stereo it self (only the facia so it will be...
  13. Was It You... Focus ST Spotters!
    Spotted a Performance Blue PFL with RS spoiler heading Eastbound towards Christchurch on the A35 just after Avon Water at about midday yesterday (17.01.2015) Anyone on here?
  14. Mk2 Bodywork & Styling
    Hi all, yesturday i fitted a zunsport lower grill to my pfl, and for the lofe of me before hand i couldnt find a how to guide on how to do it properly. ( there probs is one but couldnt find it) and was only after the help of a club member 'nickst500' who guided me threw it that i managed to get...
  15. Was It You... Focus ST Spotters!
    You parked opposite me, nice car with lots of mods :) were you visiting?
  16. Project Threads
    Hi all, This is my first post on the forum, and I want to share the work I am doing on my ST. So the basics.... She is totally standard, no modifications. Previous owner was an enthusiast and has been maintained to an excellent standard. 57 plate PFL model ST-2 pack Bought 2 months ago with...
  17. MK2 Lighting & Electrical "How-to" Guides
    I've recently swapped the mirrors on my pre fl St to facelift mirrors so thought I would do a brief description of the process and how to wire them up. The mirrors operation wise I fitted are like for like in terms of features so my pfl mirrors were heated & electrically adjusted as were the fl...
  18. Mk2 Lighting & Electrical
    I've got hold of a set of facelift mirrors to fit to my pre facelift, im hoping to swap my connector from my existing pfl mirror onto the fl mirror so it'll plug into my pfl loom. Im after which wire goes to which pin on the connector. On my fl mirror its an 8 port connector with 6 wires...
  19. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Had to get some new stuff for my car, I just had too! 28th of october is known in Sweden as "Car-day" (like fathers day but for cars). So I got some service items: plugs from A&K Motorsport, oil and filter. Also invested in new EBC Ultimax front discs. And so the crown jewel.. 50% discount at...
  20. Was It You... Focus ST Spotters!
    21/09/2014 3pm Hello to the owner of the PB heading south on A82 by Loch Lomond, I was heading north from Lancashire in my newly acquired PB. Just got a quick glimpse as I zoomed past!! (within the speed limit of course) ;)
1-20 of 30 Results