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  1. Project Threads
    Found this page @ the weekend, impressive choice of mods and upgrades. Similar to what many other ST owners fit. Interesting & impressive read:
  2. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Post your PB photos here :) :blue: :blue-s: :FL-PBL:
  3. Focus ST Mk3 Non Technical Discussion
    Hi guys I was just wondering weather anyone knows of any performance garages near to Derby? I would like to find somewhere to take my ST for its service and in the future its MOT (not till next year) but also for future mods and remapping. The reason of this is because I would like to take it...
  4. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    So I was off work today and a little bored.... and I'm not adverse to hearing the sound of a 5 pot through a cobra venom exhaust... So I took a little drive out to ribblehead viaduct and took a few snaps. Cheers for looking!! Carlos
  5. Focus ST Mk2 Non Technical Discussion
    Hello !! What an amazing day.. Firstly I'd like to say a massive thanks to Gary.. Top bloke and definitely knows his stuff ! Firstly fitted the Airtec intercooler which is kinda hiding behind the grille :/ but ill have to save for a zunsport grille set. Then he did the checks which discovered...
  6. Media | Sport | TV & Film
    DanDanst2 let me know earlier that in the new issue of PF there was a write up off the performance ford track day at Brands that we went to in November and there was a (small) picture off my car So I had to download a copy on the Pad and here it is looks like I was the only focus to make it...
  7. Mk2 Turbo & Intercooler
    Basically, I'm looking to give my 2008 facelift ST3 a bit more go, but without spending loads. Was simply going to go for a remap, but then figured if I spend a bit more before the remap it'll be much more worthwhile... Would a cheap intercooler be worth bothering with? Or is there any other...
  8. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    After lots to back an fourth deciding what colour to do my alloys, I took the plunge with Dark Anthracite! (Silver looked a little bland and I'd be forever putting tyre shine on with black) While the wheels where off I took the time to paint the grills and fog surrounds matt black too...
  9. Focus ST Mk2 Non Technical Discussion
    So i was just thinking, Which Performance Package would/have you get/got on your ST. Im a little bit lost in whether to choose the:- Mountune MR290, CP300/CP320, Stage 3 Dreamscience Pumaspeed 295/320 I know theres plenty of other tuners around example:- Jamsport300 package, SCC300 GGR300...
  10. Project Threads
    Previous threads incl... http://www.focusstoc...e-to-the-focus/ http://www.focusstoc...s-happy-so-far/ Ford Fair build up... Mid August for the last couple of years has been an excellent date to aim at in respect of completing modifications. Without such dates certain mods will either never be...
1-10 of 16 Results