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  1. Focus ST Mk2 Non Technical Discussion
    Hi all, Long shot. Im about 2 years since I last owned my PB Mk2 ST225. I spent considerable time getting it sitting right and how I wanted it and had to sell about a month after fitting a set of new Jaguar Velas onto her as my ex employer didnt pay me for 3 months and I got in a bit of a...
  2. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Had to get some new stuff for my car, I just had too! 28th of october is known in Sweden as "Car-day" (like fathers day but for cars). So I got some service items: plugs from A&K Motorsport, oil and filter. Also invested in new EBC Ultimax front discs. And so the crown jewel.. 50% discount at...
  3. Was It You... Focus ST Spotters!
    21/09/2014 3pm Hello to the owner of the PB heading south on A82 by Loch Lomond, I was heading north from Lancashire in my newly acquired PB. Just got a quick glimpse as I zoomed past!! (within the speed limit of course) ;)
  4. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Well.. decided to take some pictures of my little Focus. Installed K-sport coilovers a month ago. Also 15mm spacers in front and 20mm spacers rear (per side). I've tinted my headlights and foglights. Oh.. right.. it passed the MOT 2-3 weeks ago (without the tint ofcourse). First pic is no tint...
  5. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Gave the car a quick clean after having the bilsteins fitted and took a few pics outside my house.. Nothing special it just looked shiny haha...
  6. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    After lots to back an fourth deciding what colour to do my alloys, I took the plunge with Dark Anthracite! (Silver looked a little bland and I'd be forever putting tyre shine on with black) While the wheels where off I took the time to paint the grills and fog surrounds matt black too...
  7. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Did some work on my little blue car today after work. Because its a national holiday tomorrow, we closed at 12 today so I could work with my car at work. Sooo.. new brakepads.. EBC Redstuff. stops on a dime Very easy job to do. I also re-glued my frontlip. It had broken loose because of an...
  8. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Hello all, Had a look through the forums and can't seem to find any pictures of someone with a PB facelift with their OEM grille painted black. Can anyone provide pictures of this? thanks in advance, Ryan
  9. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Today I got my wiring for the Focus RS/ST LED taillights. I also bought a RS/ST LED highlevel brakelight. Was first thinking of soldering some nice connectors, but I didn't The result is really nice, but I cant get the indicator LED to flash Still have my winterwheels on. but next week..
  10. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Just gave the car a couple of hours of tlc this morning and thought I would post the results on here :-) Cheers for looking, Carlos
  11. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Few new pics following the Eibachs and a quick wash at the weekend. Note the increasingly rare standard wheels! Thanks for looking.
1-11 of 11 Results