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  1. MK2 Focus ST parts For Sale or Wanted
    Looking for an Rs spoiler for my orange St. Doesn't have to be genuine one, just painted black and will fit easily so don't have to take to a garage. Can collect in 1-2hrs from Crewe but postage if not. Thanks :)
  2. Focus ST Mk2 Non Technical Discussion
    Hello, new to this site and ish new to the St Community in general. Have been wanting an mk2 st for years and now can finally get one. So asking for some advice on what to look for in a car. I've read a load of buyers guides etc but thought I'd ask the real experts (the owners). So modding is...
  3. Mk2 Bodywork & Styling
    Good afternoon everyone, Does anyone know where to get or have a Mk2 Focus ST facelift headlight washer cover for the drivers side? I am not bothered about the colour as I am happy to spray it myself, I just can't find one that doesn't cost a ridiculous price and all the Mk2 ST's that are being...
  4. Focus ST Mk2 Non Technical Discussion
    Hi guys Proper boring post but I'm trying to value my face-lift mk2 st3 in electric orange. The poor girl needs a complete respray due to lacquer peel all over, worse on the roof and bonnet. Wheels have the usual scuffs, driver seat cable is broken. Other than that shes spot on, cam belt done...
  5. MK2 In Car Entertainment (ICE) "How-to" Guides
    Hi, just joined today. Got my 2006 Focus ST-3 yesterday and love it. Traded in my 20" plate fiesta St and the only thing i'm missing is the touch screen. Any recommendations on a double din stereo that fits the Focus? Thanks 🤙
  6. Mk2 Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    So a couple of weeks back I was overtaking someone, got close to redline and the car "thudded", changed up a gear and off I went. Then ESP light came on, won't go off with the switch. EML came on. Car was driving OK, but noticed that the turbo boost was only going about 1/4. The car is stage 1...
  7. Focus ST Mk2 Non Technical Discussion
    Hello all, recently dug my MD silver out of the garage after months of storage so I could enjoy the good weather 😁 so thought it was time after 2yrs to join Focus STOC. I live in Plymouth and am in need of somewhere decent to refurb my wheels, any recommends?? Car is Revo1 3"turbo back etc but...
  8. Project Threads
    Hi everyone, I have been a lurker for a while now and i have finally bit the bullet and got myself a TRUE project.oh man is it a project. I'm from Shropshire and in the forces,so only really get weekend's and leave to work on my project's...I have alway's been into Ford's since i was young...
  9. Group Buys
    Evening guys I have been in touch with M Factory regarding a group buy on their LSD kits for the MK2. They are willing to give us a discount of 15-20% (dependant on numbers). Here is the link to the product for you all to have a read up...
  10. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    So finnaly here's my mk2 focus st. I bought the car at new year and after alot of hassle with the lacquer peel it's been in for painting 3 times now but it's finnaly finished so I've now started modding it. It's a 2010 1 girl owner from new, was completely standard with 46k on the clock. It has...
  11. Project Threads
    Hi guys Only been day 2 of owning the st2 but 100% puts a smiles on my face when I drive it 😃 Iv got a far few thing I want to do and something that need to be done, Going to need 2 front tyres so Ill go back to the trusted Goodyear eagle f1s all round 👌🏻 Need little...
  12. Mk2 Bodywork & Styling
    So I've just received my car and found lacquer peel on the roof. I bought the car blind with covid and not being able to travel but the car was described as mint. Anyway I contact the garage and they said it's easier to give me my money back and transport the car back down the road but I'd like...
  13. New User Meet and Greet
    So that's me just paid for an electric orange mk2 st. I had a white st back in 2014 for a while then went to a mk2 rs then many cars after that. Anyway since getting married and buying a house I was forced to sell my car and have had a few lower budget cars since. I then went to buy a golf r...
  14. Mk2 ECU Remapping, Software & Tuning Packages
    Hello, I just ordered a 200 cell high flow cat 2.5" and I'm wondering if a remap is 100% required after installing it? At the moment I have ramair induction, airtec intercooler, scorpion non res catback (cat and downpipe is stock). Had a custom remap after these mods What would happen if I...
  15. Mk2 Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    Hello, So I have this problem where I'm cruising on a motorway for about an hour and suddenly I notice that my oil temp reading has completely dropped and oil pressure is 5 bar (drops to 3/4 when idling). So I stopped to check oil level, and after fiddling with dipstick, the readings on gauges...
  16. Mk2 Bodywork & Styling
    Just curious, has anyone replaced the PFL tailgate with a FL tailgate? Or does know if it's just straight swap or not? (undo existing tailgate and attach new one). Also i presume i can just replace the tailgate without having to replace the bumper, cant i. I like/prefer the stlye of the FL...
  17. Project Threads
    Ps those jingyu tyres were gone the first day I bought it 🤣
  18. Project Threads
    Hi all, so as some will know i'm a new ST owner. My Colorado Red 5 door, 2005, 89k is destined for 300bhp.....unless it goes pop on the way!! So today it's had a health check....seems the "well looked after" "great condition" is a bit exaggerated, Think it's more a case of driven hard and not...
  19. Project Threads
    Just to check everything is working OK.
  20. Mk2 Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    Hi all New to this, so not sure if this is in the right place but does anybody know of any discounts for a milltek ultimate exhaust for a FL mk2 focus st225. Just trying to find the best price. Any help would be much appreciated Cheers Lewis
1-20 of 331 Results