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  1. New User Meet and Greet
    Anyone had any issues with their Iphone (6s) re-indexing again with their Sync3 Sound System and is there a workaround to this? This has successfully been done previously, without any issues. The Iphone is connect via the USB cable to the Sync3 (USB connection). Has been connected for over 45...
  2. Mk2 Interior, Heating, Air Con, Noises & Smells
    Just finished sorting out my phone cradle in the ST. Kept it all as tidy as possible regarding loose leads. The Cradle itself it mounted on a Brodit Pro Clip which fits between the trim around the vents and radio. The Aux lead is fed through the glovebox light hole and up behind the radio...
  3. General Topic Discussion
    Hi Guys. First off, I didn't know whether to post this in this section or the computer sections? If I have chosen wrong just move it and I will edit this line out. So to cut a long story short, myself and two others have been working on a new app concept over the last few weeks and it has now...
  4. Computer & Technology
    I just purchased this iPhone 5 case and just wanted to share it, brilliant quality he can do all types of phone cases and colours etc i requested silver facelift with black wheels and mirrors to match my car exactly. Spot on.
  5. Computer & Technology
    Hi I have the MK2 and the audio out (3,5mm cable) is in the glove box............. why?! anyway, has anyone paired there generic mp3 player to it. Im sure there must be a bluetooth dongle of sorts that can be used? I have used FM type ones that are rubbish. The only decent way is via a cable...
  6. In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security
    Now I have had my ST for a few weeks and have been experimenting with Ford Sync quite a bit I have a couple of issues that I am wondering if anyone else is having. First off I have an iphone 5 that I am connecting over Bluetooth. I can get the audio working fine and it sounds good but it...
1-6 of 6 Results