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  1. Mk3 Petrol Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    Hi, Has anybody with a Forge Induction kit found a heatshield or created a diy jobbie? I like the sound but from using the torque app the air intake temps are quite alot above ambient. Cheers
  2. Mk3 Petrol Turbo & Intercooler
    Hi all, I have a 2013 ST250. I fitted a Forge induction kit and remapped with bluefin. After having it on a RR it produced 250bhp by 4k (attached graph) but then stayed there until the redline. Obviously not right. I then found out that the stupid AGS system was always closed on all but one...
  3. Focus ST Mk2 Non Technical Discussion
    Finally got round to getting my car mapped up, on Thursday my car went to Dyno-Tech in Ripley Derbyshire. Modifications Full 3" turbo back de-cat Scorpion Exhaust Forge front mount intercooler Forge recirc valve Samco boost hose kit Dream Science induction kit The car was already stage 1...
  4. Mk3 Petrol Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    Hi all currently have this k&n air filter cone fitted :- which is the only modification i have at the minute. I'm looking to change the hoses and wandering...
  5. Project Threads
    Found this page @ the weekend, impressive choice of mods and upgrades. Similar to what many other ST owners fit. Interesting & impressive read:
  6. Mk2 Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    Does anyone have a clip of the ebay valve or the forge in action, just wanted to know what it sounds like.. cheers people.
  7. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Hey guys! Thought I would post a small video with soundcheck for my Forge. Stats: Focus ST -06 Autotech Stage 2 Ferrita 2,5" stainless steel catback Simota inductionkit Elevate intakepipe Forge FMDVK04S bypassvalve with yellow spring Running on studded wintertires so any weird backgroundnoise...
1-8 of 9 Results