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  1. Other Marque | Automotive Discussion
    Hi guys, I'm afraid to say I traded my MK2 FL ST for a Jag XE the other day (Friday). I picked the car up from Hilton Garage, Derby and it's started to misfire badly at high engine speeds and lots of throttle. I've checked on the XE forum but whilst they do seem to be a helpful bunch, I'm not...
  2. Focus ST Mk3 Non Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone, new to the forums. I've had my mk3.5 Focus ST since the end of April and still loving it! Previously had a Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo with the 1.6cr diesel engine, mapped to 135hp and 300nm. Pretty quick for a light car, but nothing compared to the ST!! Promised myself when I bought...
  3. Eco-beaST

  4. Other Marque | Automotive Discussion
    Hi all, I'm thinking about getting rid of my 2.5 ST and replacing it with a Fiesta ST. Seems like they have great reviews. I have a slight niggling feeling that it's a downgrade though! Thoughts?
1-4 of 9 Results