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  1. North East
    Meet at Durham Services at 1.00pm leaving at 1.30pm meeting Stevie at WOODHALL services for 3.00pm
  2. North East
    Meet at Durham services 7.45am leave at 8.00am,Scotch corner services 8.20 am leaving 8.30am then meet Stevie at maccyds at Colton retail park LS15 9JH Durham Gordon Ian 3 Amigos
  3. North East
    First meeting point will be Durham services 8.30am leave at 8.45am/ A66 layby at Scotch Corner west bound at 9.15am for the southern NorthEast members then on to Devils bridge Durham Services Gordon StantheToon GeordieJohn Lee? A66 layby John-st3 Durhamlad Stelmo2 Jast3tut Bam12 AndyP
  4. North East
    As Stevie wants us at the meeting point for 9.00am leaving at 9.30am i think leaving Durham services just before 8.00am should get us there in time,so meet for 7.30am leaving 7.50am see you all then
1-4 of 4 Results