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  1. MK2 Focus ST parts For Sale or Wanted
    Genuine ford focus st225 mk2 reconditioned driveshafts never been used. Recipt of purchase Bought 3 months ago but fitted uprated ones instead Collection at CR3 postcode Offers welcome
    £550 GBP
  2. Mk2 Suspension, Steering & Chassis
    Hello there, So I'm having this weird wobbly vibration which happens both on and off throttle, both in and out of gear while rolling. You can feel it throughout the whole car, also on the steering wheel which is slightly wobbling, even my backpack on the passengers seat is wobbling the same...
  3. Mk2 Gearbox, Clutch & Running Gear
    I've been having an issue for a few weeks now; when driving there is a thudding vibration which increases frequency with speed and sounds and feels just like a knackered driveshaft. I replaced one a year ago when i got this same feeling and it cured it. Since it returned i've replaced both...
  4. Mk2 Gearbox, Clutch & Running Gear
    hi guys I'm a little bit worried. I have a clicking and clunking noise every time I change gear, really annoying. anyway I had the car up in the air yesterday and only thing I could find was that the OS driveshaft between both c.v joints has a lot of play in and out, is this the cause of my...
  5. Mk2 Gearbox, Clutch & Running Gear
    As title can you all tell me how long you've owned the car and how many driveshafts you've broken. Any good solutions? As I'm searching for a ST as we speak, just worried about a few bits. Cheers. Toby
  6. Mk2 Gearbox, Clutch & Running Gear
    Ok so driving home today and all of a sudden the car starts wobbling violently!! Every time I accelerate the wobble is insane, I brought it in somewhere and they had a very quick look at said it was driveshaft bearings. Does this sound right?
  7. Mk2 Gearbox, Clutch & Running Gear
    Hi all, giving that my last post on here saved a few people some monies I thought Id do it again... recently I have had an issue where Ford main dealers were unable to get hold of a replacement driveshaft for my 2008 Focus ST2... well after 5 weeks of waiting and then to be told they didn't have...
1-7 of 9 Results