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  1. Mk2 Interior, Heating, Air Con, Noises & Smells
    Hi chaps, I have googled the **** out of this minor annoyance I am having but I cannot find a solution... On startup I let the car warm up before setting off but most mornings about 20 seconds down the road (I am always in 2nd doing 10 mph) no accelerating I get a very brief vibration and...
  2. Mk2 Gearbox, Clutch & Running Gear
    hi guys I'm a little bit worried. I have a clicking and clunking noise every time I change gear, really annoying. anyway I had the car up in the air yesterday and only thing I could find was that the OS driveshaft between both c.v joints has a lot of play in and out, is this the cause of my...
1-2 of 2 Results