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  1. Focus ST Mk2 Non Technical Discussion
    Hey all. I know people ask frequently about this but everytime i want to get it on a dyno something always seems to go wrong. Not necessarily the car lol. I would like to ask roughly what I should be running. Aim when started modding was 300bhp. I have milltek 3"downpipe 200 cell sports cat and...
  2. Focus ST Mk2 Non Technical Discussion
    Hi, I'm new to ST ownership and loving it. Few questions I could do with answering if anyone can help. Car came with ds induction and inter cooler, mapped but I don't know who by but on the standard exhaust. Ran 290bhp and 375 lb/f torque at RS tuning in Leeds, I've since replaced the exhaust...
  3. Mk3 ECU Remapping & Software
    Hello i have scanned the forum back a fair few pages and cant see any facelift st250s with blue fin posting dyno results before or after. so has anyone got dyno results with the facelift bluefin? if so what mods do you have :) sorry if this has already been posted before and would appreciate a...
  4. Mk3 Petrol Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    I am thinking of putting the Mountune induction pipe and air filter on. Will this improve the sound, increase the bhp and does it effect the insurance? I am thinking of Mountune to keep the warranty.
  5. Focus ST Mk2 Non Technical Discussion
    So as some of you may know, I'm trying to sell my ST, only because I just won't be able to afford it on an apprenticeship wage. There will be a bigger commute to work too. I'm pretty sure it would of been easier to sell being standard but hey, I'm an enthusiast ! Here's a quick spec but the...
  6. Focus ST Mk2 Non Technical Discussion
    Hello, The time has come to part with it :( I'm considering selling my ST as id be starting a new job soon and in need of a diesel with minimal road tax. I wouldn't necessarily be using the diesel round town, and i know that town isn't the diesels best friend, ( on the DPF ).. anyway.. What...
  7. Mk2 Servicing and Maintenance
    Hello, Ive had an oil leak for around 3 weeks now. Today i found time to remove the under tray to the engine and oil sump and discovered the leak coming from the oil cooler on the back of the sump… 2 out of the 4 torque screws were loose on the cooler. Could that of been the cause of the...
  8. Mk2 Turbo & Intercooler
    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has dyno'd a standard ST and what BHP you got at the wheels&Flywheel, I know it's 220bhp at the flywheel -15% to the wheels on paper but I just wanted to see what people actually got. Thanks
  9. Mk2 ECU Remapping, Software & Tuning Packages
    Hi all Is anyone running REVO stage 1 map and if so what figures are you getting? Cheers Mark
  10. Focus ST Mk2 Non Technical Discussion
    hello guys, i have a focus st2 mk2 with a few things done to it; currently running 370bhp on custom stage 3 map AET hybrid turbo Rad tech intercooler RS injectors RS spark plugs auto specialist intake pipes K&N CAIS full Mongoose stainless exhaust RS clutch RS flywheel Pumabuild dump valve 19'...
  11. Mk2 ECU Remapping, Software & Tuning Packages
    Hello to the wise and wonderful members of STOC, I went to a rolling road day yesterday and was really pleased with my Results. It was probably the one of the hottest days of the year so far but I ran quite early in the morning when the work shop temp was around 25 degrees rather than 33 later...
  12. Project Threads
    Hello all. Well firstly I'm new to the forum so go easy on me please. I am a Mechanical designer with a bit of knowledge of the focus st. I'm currently on my second st (the first had to go due to financial reasons before I could modify it and got replaced with an st170). Anyway, as the title...
  13. Focus ST Mk2 Non Technical Discussion
    How much Power you got?What's your BHP? (Chose Closest Option)225 (Standard)6225.41%230 - 24062.46%240 - 25020.82%250 - 260208.20%260 - 270135.33%270 - 280176.97%280 - 290197.79%290 - 300197.79%300 - 310176.97%310 - 3202610.66%320 - 330156.15%330 - 34041.64%340 - 35010.41%350 - 36052.05%360 -...
  14. Mk2 ECU Remapping, Software & Tuning Packages
    Guys, I have looked for about an hour (sad I know) for any info on this and whilst there is a lot of info all over the place I still cant find what I'm after! So, can anyone that's had experience of a RR and proven BHP figures for certain mods give us a rough idea? I currently have stage 1...
  15. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    How did my camera get filled up with pictures of rogers car
  16. General Topic Discussion
    Hey all was doing some reading yesterday after my rolling road day at Jamsport and was looking at what is the differerance between BHP and Torque? and ofcourse which is the real measure of the cars power. As it puzzles me my car ran well for its very little mods and ran a 279 bhp and 367 lbft...
1-16 of 17 Results