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  1. Mk3 Interior, Heating, Air Con, Noises & Smells
    Hi, Have searched previous threads so I hope this isn't a repost. My AC is no longer cold. I suspect a re-charge is required. Tbh I am not a huge fan of using A/C but I should really get it working again. I have a 65 plate ST3 and my local, friendly AC recharger advises the car is right on the...
  2. Mk3 Interior, Heating, Air Con, Noises & Smells
    Hello everyone! I'm new here, not sure if I can post here for help? Do I have to get membership to get advise? I bought a 2015 Focus ST 2 FL about a month ago. 2 weeks ago the A/C started blowing ambient air into cabin. I have Ford Gold Protect Warranty so took it to my local dealer. They...
  3. Mk2 Interior, Heating, Air Con, Noises & Smells
    Hi guys, My air con is quite intermittent. It'll be quite cold, then after a while will go like it's just the blower. If I turn it off then on it usually goes cold again, and sometimes if I just leave it, it goes cold again. Has anyone experienced this? Could it just need a recharge? I hope it...
  4. Mk2 Interior, Heating, Air Con, Noises & Smells
    Hello all, I have been experiencing a problem with my air con for some time now. I have owned the car from new and it is 3 years old next month. Problem I noticed a couple of months ago that my air con was becoming less effective and some times would pretty much pack up and would just become...
  5. Focus ST Mk2 Non Technical Discussion
    Hey guys can anybody recomend any good air con garge or mobile service in northants/ east midlands?
  6. Republic of Ireland
    i have had my ST around three years now and im fairly sure the air conditioning has never worked since i got it i have the manual air con version with the dials i remember asking in Abernathys in Midleton about it maybe a year ago and they said they dont do it, they just bring in a specalist...
1-6 of 6 Results