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  1. New User Meet and Greet
    Hello! After waiting for a clean example to pop up in Scotland, I finally ended up driving to the west coast (In the heavy snow) to pick up a panther black ST-2 with 80k on the clock. Over the moon with the car as it's been kept in great overall condition. I've always been Volkswagen fan, so...
  2. Focus ST Mk3 Non Technical Discussion
    Had an email from my dealer yesterday asking to come up a chat and update, also they now have another demo ST-3 in to have a test on, but warned me is a petrol and Stealth Grey... :) GOOD NEWS : ST-3 is now a bit early after weeks of delays (supposed to be the 9th for delivery), and it arrived...
  3. Was It You... Focus ST Spotters!
    Saw a nice shiny DIB ST3 this morning as i drove out of my car park, young lady driving i think, heading towards Sclattie Park -- car reg ended in RXX. Looks like its being well looked after.
  4. Was It You... Focus ST Spotters!
    Saw a nice Black ST3 - 64 plate ending in VGM (and made me peeved i haven't got mine yet), sitting at the Q for the drive thru about 1pm today. I had already loaded up and was heading back to the office. Driver had beard, sunglasses, window open and a big grin on his face as I drove past on...
  5. New User Meet and Greet
    Hi guys, Back in August I bought my first ST, wanted one for a few years but finally saved for what I thought was a great deal! Turned out this was gonna be worst car I'd ever bought (not the ST in general but my specific one!!!) I travelled from Aberdeen to high Wycombe to buy a blue ST2, I...
  6. New User Meet and Greet
    Got my ST 5 weeks ago, posted a few times since (trying to sort out some boost issues), and wondered when there are meets arranged in the North East Scotland area? I live in Aberdeen, but go back to Dundee through the weekends to see my girlfriend.
  7. North Scotland
    As title, will be having the first meet of the year at aberdeen beach at 8pm on saturday 19th january outside pagazzi light store, stick your names down on the list folks!! 1.FocuST500 2. 3.
1-7 of 7 Results