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Focus ST-2
Performance Blue
49588 Miles
NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRating
DS Strategem remap (DSCI)Extra 45bhp / 99lb/ft !£300.00£0.0010 / 10
Eibach Pro-kit -25mmLowering Springs£130.00£0.0010 / 10
Uprated intercoolerST Fabrications£190.00£40.0010 / 10
Heater controlsRound back/chrome£7.99£0.008 / 10
LED Footwell lightsBlue£4.99£0.0010 / 10
Uprated silicone boost pipeSymposer deleted£80.00£0.008 / 10
Aug 2012 - Bought 2008 FL Focus ST-2. Immaculate low mileage example, had only done 11k miles in 4 years, had FSH and was barely run-in. Engine sounds fantastic when driven hard.<br /><br />Sept 2012 - Now fitted with Dreamscience re-map and Eibach pro-kit its how an ST should be.<br /><br />Nov 2013 - My ST on the dyno at RSR and made 265bhp & 335lb/ft with just the DSCI remap.. well happy.<br /><br />Aug 2014 - Couldn't resist the Intercooler offer at just £190 from A&K. Car feels really lively, the turbo spins up quicker and the performance is effortless in the mid-range. Bargain.<br /><br />Nov 2017 - Closing on 10 years old so got the cambelt, water pump & aux belts changed. £390 supp/fitted by RSR. <br /><br />July 2018 - New brake discs and pads front and rear at 44k miles. First ever wear and tear parts except for tyres ! Pads are Motorcraft and not as good as the original Ford.<br /><br />July 2019 - Silicone boost pipe fitted. Symposer-delete version makes the car sound more refined. Boost feels much smoother and now there's no hesitations.