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Focus ST-2
22000 Miles
NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRating
Chrome7 / 10
Mongoose Cat Back10 / 10
Collins Power Stage 1 Power Chip8 / 10
Dump Valve8 / 10
focus sticker10 / 10
drilled & grooved EBC brakes & yellow stuff all round9 / 10
mongoose sports cat8 / 10
mongoose down pipe10 / 10
helix organic clutch and uprated cover plate with litghtened an balanced fly wheel8 / 10
quaife diff10 / 10
uprated and reworked kkk turbo7 / 10
AET remap8 / 10
GGR cold air induction system10 / 10
st side stripes5 / 10
airtec intercooler10 / 10
i'm only 21 and have always been blue oval from a very young age. so when i got the chance to buy this stunning example of an ST, i took the plunge and spent all my savings. with minimal mods and cost i am now achieving good power figures which has been proven by AET Turbos.



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think your red st looks great, i used to have one (now got st500) dont think there is any better colour,yours looks great, regards freddie

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cheers mate, the pic that is on show isnt a recent one, had it done at street nationals,,the extra work tht has been added recently is yet to be shown to us we have been without the car for near on 3 week,, but fingers crossed it comes back as nice lol,,the car will be at USC if anyone wants to come and have a look many thanks <br />chase

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hi m8 i got the badge from torquesteer they come with sticky pads and once they are on they are deffo on..