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Focus ST-2
13012 Miles
NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRating
Magic Tree - Air Freshner10 / 10
Alloy Tax Disc Holder10 / 10
Car Seat10 / 10
Baby On Board Sticker10 / 10
Took delivery of the car in November, broken it in now having covered over 2000 miles and boy is it starting to loosen up!!! :)<br /><br />1st March 2006 - Had the car over 3 months now, and have covered over 4000 miles, the car keeps getting faster and faster! It is feeling much more like the RS now, but still not as raw! Still really pleased with the car! Not seen many others on the road as yet.<br /><br />She's just getting faster & faster! Whoop!!<br /><br />At just over 8000 miles I had to replace the two front Continental tyres as they were border line illegal! Total cost for 2x new tyres including fitting, balancing, laser alignment (full works) £290.<br /><br />27/05/06 - Nearing 9000 miles mark now.... still loving the car! I dont really want to sell her in August, but I have to as I cant afford to keep running the car. (Going for fuel economy next time!!!!)<br /><br />25/06/06 - It's got 9500 miles now, and simply one of the best cars ive owned. However, due to wanting a house, I will be selling the car soon (in the next couple of months). So if anyone is interested in the car just let me know.<br /><br />04/10/06 - Sold, I've had to let her go, she has been sold to a nice bloke who lives in Southampton. I hope he looks after her well! She was sold for a very reasonable market value of £16,000.


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Looking damn fine there Dave :) no way! has your brother still got your Zetec-S lol cool! Oh how I miss my Zetec-S look-a-like hehe.