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Bright green Mustang

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Firstly we have a bright green Mustang driving around here that looks fairly standard - apart from the colour! - however is anything but underneath given the sound it makes driving past or sitting revving at traffic lights etc.

Secondly we have a road junction outside the works that has a straight head/left turn left hand lane, & a straight ahead/right hand lane. As you can appreciate it is often the scene of various traffic light GP starts.............. :whistle:

Today I was sitting in the left lane going into the works in the daughter's little Panda as it was quicker than moving all the cars on the drive to get mine out. Ahead of me was a certain bright green Mustang burbling away.

Up the right hand lane shot this Golf GTI with every Halfords stick on bit stuck on it & an exhaust bigger than the Mustang's. He then proceeded to sit alongside said 'Tang & rev the nuts off his car.......

I thought - this will go one of two ways....

1. Mustang ignores GTI.

2. Mustang obliterates GTI.


Next thing there was a cloud of smoke & sounds of tortured tyres as Mustang obviously engaged line lock & proceeded to heat up his rear tyres. Followed by bangs & flames from his exhaust. This just seemed to excite Golf GTI more who rev'ed his engine even more enthusiastically.

As the lights then went to green there was a huge cloud of smoke and after about 5 seconds of the smoke clearing a very small bright green dot vanishing rapidly into the far distance......................


Golf GTI was sat about halfway across the junction looking like he had stalled his car trying desperately to start it again & give chase............


I indicated left & went to the works entrance giving Golf GTI a consolidatory wave as I went past him..... :whistle:


Note: I am not advocating or advising road racing but merely emphasising on the accelerative differences between Mustangs & Golf's.........................

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