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Posting pictures how to with screenshots

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Thought I'd do a how to on posting pictures on this forum, I only ever post pictures from my iPhone taken on my iPhone, the orientation of the phone when taking the picture (bottom of phone in landscape to right hand will post the correct way on here) dictates how it loads on here. Anyway here's some pictures with captions.

First off you need to load full version at the bottom of screen, this can be done in a thread.

Attached File  F8EF4FFD-F0D9-4153-B118-A78051678E9E.jpeg   54.83KB   0 downloads

Then press on more reply options in bottom right corner of reply box.

Attached File  21EBBAC1-AD73-4DB7-95DF-1FAA194381C6.jpeg   55.32KB   0 downloads

Next you need to select choose file, this will give you an option of where you want to select the picture from.

Attached File  04289AE0-F6D8-4E6F-A5BE-688BD829D812.jpeg   61.69KB   0 downloads

Once you've selected your picture it will show as a thumbnail at the side of 'choose file' you then need to press attach this file.

Attached File  03A9EF92-E058-4550-BA70-38E1ABF7D83A.jpeg   60.92KB   0 downloads

Your picture will then turn into a file on the forum with the option to add to post.

Attached File  3A1FAA1E-6546-449C-B02B-FE125440843C.jpeg   62.01KB   0 downloads

Your reply box should then look like this.

Attached File  F5F3C58B-8338-4F85-B242-9F27E7CC4265.png   325.91KB   0 downloads

You can then post your picture by pressing reply or post new topic. Be careful not to delete any of the file text as your picture won't post, if you do then delete the text and press add to post to reload your photo.

@Alb not sure where this is best to be posted or if it's even beneficial but thought I'd have a go at trying to help others out.

If this is the same process for PC then if someone could confirm that would be great :)

EDIT: screenshots post in correct orientation
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Thanks for your efforts Alex, but have you seen this?

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Oh dear :( took me 20 minutes to upload all those pictures as well haha

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