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Jason Sullivan

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I will certainly be taking the vaccine as soon as its licensed no doubt about that.


Vaccines over the years have eradicated many infectious diseases and I'm 100% confident there will be very few members on here who have suffered with measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, Hib, tetanus polio etc etc.


Yes some people do have an adverse reaction to some vaccines same as people do to some drugs as there are not two human beings on this planet that are genetically identical but you have to look if the benefits outweigh the risks.


As I have said before there are many treatments out there that will have saved many lives and others although not a cure will have made quality of life so much better for millions worldwide but humans will only home in on the negatives !!!


I hope the oral vaccine starting trials in July is positive which the Biopharma company seem positively confident about which could be given to so many quickly as its thermally stable.

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Phew, just returned after a self imposed two week 'furlough' (on holiday) to find the food scarcity has abated somewhat, and we have returned to near normal production. As I only use this forum from works computer, I've had time to get through all the vastly varying opinions on this subject - including a deviation on 'benefits' scroungers  :facepalm:  The one thing to say, is that there are innumerable opinions on what should/shouldn't be done, so it's clear there could never be cross party/country unity on any decisions. Whoever was in charge of their respective countries through all this, will in due course, be proved to have made an absolute  :censored: of the whole process. It has now deteriorated into political point scoring from all parties, in all 4 countries, and the recriminations will continue for some time yet. As someone who has worked all through the crisis/lockdown, my personal opinion is that we really need to get things back on the move. From where I am, if we don't, I genuinely fear that the whole of Scotland from the central belt north, could well become a wasteland. I really feel for the tens of thousands who are soon going to lose their jobs, with no hope in sight unless we get moving.

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Noisy Boy

Noisy Boy
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Couldn't agree more, the lockdown has caused more harm than good in my opinion, people who were poor are poorer, people who had mental health issues are feeling it harder, shops and businesses going to the wall after only a few weeks of zero trading, furloughed staff facing uncertainty about their futures. No amount of social distancing, closing parks and schools will stop a rampant virus. The virus will run its course like all viruses do, we need to get back to normality asap....the virus will still be here no matter what we do.
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