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#1402717 I Hate This Club!!!! :)

Posted by mintysmate on 02 March 2013 - 02:08

I like driving. I do a lot of it for my job. So I thought... why not get a fast ford for reasonable money. It may be a bit pricey on fuel compared to a diesel, but that's ok if it puts a grin on my face. So I end up with a 2009 ST-3 in Panther Black.

I'm now a happy bunny :) I have a quick car in good nick and it reminds me of my youth. It takes off like a rapist caught in the act. It freaks out the merc, bmw and audi fools who think an expensive badge makes them good, or at least look it :)

Then it all goes pear shaped !!

I find FOCUSSTOC.COM and it all starts going wrong. No longer do i have a slightly hefty fuel bill. Oh no !! I have a mistress who just won't stop spending my money !!

I read about people's exploits with their ST's. I see pictures of modifications. I see videos of exhaust systems.... it just keeps going !! I have no mechanical or technical skill at all, but i find myself looking for tools. What am i going to do with them? I don't have a garage, I don't have anywhere to store tools... i don't have anywhere to work on my car... so why have I spent so much on tools i neither have the skill or knowledge to use ????

Then.... then it takes another twist... and yes (dear reader) for the worse !!

I find club sponsors... evil, evil, evil....... they are, collectively, the spawn of Satan! They parade in front of me with their bright, shiny, go faster parts... like polished naughty bits... right there.. just one click away..... Noooooooooooo !!!

At this point, with my bank manager, and indian call centre credit card 'agent', shouting at me STOP ! STOP ! STOP ! I discover the final, and fatal 'coupe de gras' in the form of Group Buys!!

Oh, how did so much stuff become available for one car? Why did I do this? I could be comfortable in a mid sized diesel saloon trundling up and down the country, but no... I'm hooked.... I must get more shiny, go faster things... i need more things... shiny... go faster... stop quicker...stop slippy clutch... shine brighter... noooooooooo !!

I need an alcoholics anonymous for ST owners... I need help... someone stop me......

A forlorn, skint
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Posted by Jamescst3 on 20 November 2013 - 22:45

just to point out its nearly an hour for james too,

top lad mate !!!

Not an hour the way I drive mate! :lol:

Chris is now on his way back home. His tire was in at least 3 pieces and I fear his alloy may have made its last journey too.

Alls well that ends well though.

#2140146 503.7bhp Focus ST with ST block.

Posted by Clivest3 on 08 October 2013 - 13:22

My car has been a development car for Lee at Devil Development and today made 503.7bhp after fitting a tubular manifold as well as a lot of mods including a Garrett GTX3076 turbo upgraded injector and Forged internals.

Write up from Devil Development Facebook page.
We're pretty sure it was already but is this the most powerful Focus ST in the country running just an ST block? Just done 503.7bhp and a monstrous 528lb ft of torque with a Stage 5 Revo, GTX30.76 turbo at 1.5 bar and our new Devil Developments tubular exhaust manifold. There's more to come from this car, but the fuel system is at its limit...

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#3565097 Top Gear Visit A and K Motorsport!

Posted by A and K Motorsport on 11 May 2014 - 19:36

:thumbsup: Great to see that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May stopped by the A and K Motorsport stand at Japfest to check out Tigger!


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#3247786 Unemployment Sucks, So...

Posted by STiofan on 18 March 2014 - 20:36

Now then,

I was paid off from my job around mid January where I was working as a dairy farmer. I loved this job, it was the best one I enjoyed so much out of 17/18 jobs that I have had. Bare in mind I was brought up to live a life experience and do all that I can to live with the best experience ever. I promised my self that when I got married that I would settle down and find a career in farming, always loved it from a young age, nature wildlife, love and respect. I got married 3 years ago to a Wenslydale lass and took up a farming career. Loved it!

Anyhoooo, I very much dislike sitting on my butt, with the exception of driving Eddie, so I applied for a minimum of 6 jobs last week, 4 the week before, 4 the week before that and so on. To keep bordem at bay I detailed Eddie every other day with a passion.

I thought, heck, I could clean a few cars to get a few quid in to help with bills etc. It started with my mother in-laws 4x4 where I gave it the full works, bar engine clean and having timed myself It took me 6 hours. Hey, I thought, If I had charged her [I didn't] i could have made what?, £65? This then led to my neighbor wanting his 4x4 GOD it was freakin minging!!!! [see pics a few posts down] It took me eight and a Half hours however, the satisfaction was very intense and bills where being paid. Detailing, in my world, was born :thumbsup:

My neighbors parents then wanted theirs cleaned, as did their mother in-laws, and there sister, and their neighbor........Whoop.

So I invested what I could into more, better products and seemed to have started a little business :Dance:

Happy? Dam straight.

The cream of the crop comes from " Getting out there ", in respect to meeting people. It turns out one of my clients [giggle] is a dairy farmer and has over 400 dairy cows....and oh my goodness, They offered me " arable " work come June. This happened because I made it, because I stayed focus [ST] to make something work :-)

The moral of this story is, If your ever feeling things are not working out in life, they will, always, sort them selves out. Old doors close, new ones open.

Live the life experience :thumbsup:

Thanks for listening.

I must point out that I have not claimed ANY benefits. I don't need to because I don't want to
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#1987377 12 years ago today, never forget 9/11/01

Posted by Chris Davies on 11 September 2013 - 11:53

"Like" this post and show your support for the families who tragically lost someone among the 3,000 lives taken 12 years ago today

Sorry I know it's not a forum subject, but I think today is worth remembering
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#1517092 My Retirement from the Network

Posted by Jim on 25 June 2013 - 08:41

Hi all,

I never thought I’d see the day when I would be writing this, however the time has come for me to step down from running the Network. I have recently transferred ownership to

I have to accept that the personal demands placed on me due to the ongoing success and growth of the Network has outstripped the time I have available to maintain all of the Clubs to the standard that our members deserve. This has been a very difficult decision to make but I am at a stage in my life when I need to consider my ongoing commitments and ease some of the pressures to make time for others.

The Network has great potential to grow and provide even better services to members, this should not be held back by me and the time is right to pass the steering wheel to others with the experience and expertise to make things happen.

My History...

You might be interested to know how I got here. At the age of nineteen, I started off as a member of staff on a Fiesta Zetec Club, being a proud owner of my 2001 Fiesta Freestyle 1.25. I had a taste of being an Administrator, an addictive role. In 2003 I had a huge desire to own the Fiesta RS Concept and I loved the Fiesta ST that was introduced at the same time.

With a lack of information or places to discuss the two Fiesta’s in 2003 I decided to use my spare time and money to create a website, was launched. This quickly became an online forum, with a mere 42 members, with one or two joining every few weeks.

Little did I know that I was setting myself up for a further ten years of commitment and dedication in establishing four clubs. I never envisioned or expected to see what exists today!

In 2005 I changed the club name to the brand we are all now familiar with, Shortly after was launched. In 2008 and were added to the family.

We now boast a Network of over 55,000 people, who all make what is a fantastic network of enthusiasts and a very unique community.

In these ten years I’ve;

Been blessed with teams of the most dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers
Lost a friend and valued club member
Seen relationships grow between members, resulting in marriage and children
Achieved things I never thought possible both online and offline
Experienced things I will never forget
Dealt with difficult and sensitive issues
Had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with the friendliest of people
Made some great friends
Obtained great pleasure and satisfaction through seeing members enjoying the forums, the banter, their sense of humour, the mutual support of like mined people.

So what happens now?

The most important thing is that members will see little difference. The same fantastic Club Staff Team will continue in their roles in supporting you and developing the network.

There will be a new Community Management Team who will oversee the network. They specialize in running online communities and have the infrastructure and backup needed.

You will continue to enjoy the same club as you do right now, with the hope of seeing more Sponsors and discounts.

All club shows will continue to be managed, tickets will be sent out on time as usual, along with all shop orders, present and future... Nothing changes there. I will be attending Ford Fair and ensuring our show goes smoothly.

With regards to the transfer to the new server, I apologise that clearly did not go according to plan due to a hardware failure our end, which meant the DNS was pointing some of you to my server and some to the new server. There have been a few bugs that have been ironed out and I trust the sites will now been running smoothly again.

My Thanks...

My thanks go to the Club Staff Team, you guys are fantastic and I know you will continue to be so. Whilst you deal with the occasional grief you know that for every unhappy member there are thousands that are happy and that is down to how you guys manage the forums on a daily basis.

You all commit a great deal of time on a voluntary basis for the greater good of the community. A massive thank you to Rich, Marc, Amanda, Chris, Allan, Alb, Chris, Clive, Jared, John, Karl, Mark, Phil, Rob, Ryan, Sean, Aman, Geoff, Marcellus, Alex, Clare, Luke, Jason, Steve, Sye, Sam, Jonathan, Martin, Mike, Mark, Derek and Jon

A big thank you again to those who have since moved on from their staff role, some of whom are still with us in the background Joy, Arun, Ayesha, James, Andy, Neil, Matt, Ashley, Sean, Mark, Gaz, Craig, Mike, Scott, Andy, Joe, Perri, Ant, Louise, Gav, Paul, Donna, Jimmy, Colin, Rich, Lee, Stu, Lau, Adam... for anyone I've forgotten, I apologise!

A huge thanks to the long list of members who currently and previously supported the club in the role of Regional Rep. I’m sorry I cannot name you all. Your time and efforts you have placed into your local region will not be forgotten and I sincerely hope you enjoyed your time in the role.

Thanks to all the past and present Sponsors, long may you continue to support this excellent community of members.

I wish to say a special thank you to two people...

Scott Cheeseman... Scott, you’ve certainly been through the thick of it with me right from the early days until the recent years before you escaped to China! (Now back in the UK where you belong may I add!). We’ve had some great times together and some interesting experiences! Thanks for your help and support over the years. Thanks also to Charlotte.

Amanda Lewis... I know Amanda hates mentions and if this was in person she would be hiding away somewhere. Amanda is the fantastic individual working behind scenes, she has dedicated an incredible amount of time to processing the shop orders, vinyl stickers, show tickets, clothing and merchandise. Amanda has had some testing times in recent years and always taken the pressures in her stride. I have been fortunate to have her support and we all appreciate the dedication and commitment she shows to the clubs. Thanks must also go to her daughter Alana.

Finally, a huge thank you to you, the members...

Without a doubt, there’s nothing without you guys. I provided the foundations, but you make the community we see today. Its an ever changing community. Characters come and go, some never forgotten, some just love the place so much they stay.

Some of you may have spent years with us, remaining happy as a face in the crowd... You’re just as important to us and equally to be thanked!

The majority of you abide by our simple rules, treat others as you wished to be treated, remain friendly, respectful and polite, say sorry if its needed and thank you when required. For every difficult member I’ve had to deal with, I always reminded myself there were thousands of you enjoying what I started.

Whether you’ve come to the club to find the answer to one question, get ideas or give feedback, save some money (or spend it on modifications/parts!) make friends or even find a partner, I truly hope you all continue to get enjoyment and satisfaction from your membership of the club and our fantastic network.

Thank you so much everyone.

Jim Dutton
‘Retired’ Club Founder

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#1211214 Its Here!!!!!

Posted by kevans on 25 July 2012 - 11:15

I picked it up earlier :woohoo: , what can I say, Its fantastic. Here are a quick few pics taken on iphone so not the best quality. mine is and st3 with style pack and privacy, did originally order nav but had to wait till end of august for a build slot so soon changed my mind about that lol

Pics removed for now, will post up again soon

I spoke to the manager about smoked front and rear lights, he is finding out and if they are meant to have them then mine will be fixed under warranty. st2 there has smoked front lights. and looks like the bonnet gap is here to stay for now lol

the car is so good to drive, much quicker than my fiesta lol but seriously, it does fell a lot quicker than my corsa vxr and so it should do lol

build quality is top notch as you would expect and when cruising at 70 the car is so quiet. sounds awesome from inside the cabin when you put your foot down a little, aint gone over 3k revs yet lol

also when reversing the centre screen turns into a car showing you the distance from the rear (and what part) of your car to the object

any questions fell free to ask, im going for another drive now :Dance:
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Posted by Nick STparts on 20 February 2014 - 06:37

I just wanted to share this image with you guys. This photo was taken outside the Tan Hill Inn which is in the Dales over Xmas by Patrick Bowley. I think it sums up the mood of the weather perfectly, even capturing the strength of the wind as it blew the heavy sign, we were all inside enjoying a hearty meal. I would just like to say a big thanks to Patrick for taking this excellent photo.

Attached File  ST AT THE TAN HILL INN.jpg   156.2KB   266 downloads
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#2200929 shooting my mate`s RS mk 2 (and my mk 1)

Posted by fokuzx2 on 19 October 2013 - 08:50

hope you like the pics

if you would like to follow my pictures make sure to hit the like button on my new fb page



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#1485012 A and K Motorsport, who?

Posted by A and K Motorsport on 21 May 2013 - 16:07

:unsure: Who on earth are A and K Motorsport? Well for those that dont know lets introduce ourselves! We are Andy (aka fishface31a) and Kirsty (aka KirstyT) hence the A and K! We run a Focus ST in Electric Orange with a few stripes and stickers on it better known as Focus ST Tigger. The car has quite a good following on Twitter and Facebook and is very track orientated. We have owned the car from new in March 2007 and it hit the track for the first time with 1800 miles on the clock in April of the same year. We do as many trackdays a year as we can and use this time to test and develop parts for some great companies. The car was recently upgraded to include a Turbo Technics T37 turbo and was built and mapped by our friends at JAM-Sport to produce 430 bhp and 515 ft/lb of torque. At present we are running with BC Racing ER external reservoir coilovers, K Sport 8 pot 356mm brakes and a host of minor chassis and suspension tweaks. We also run a 1990 Toyota MR2 Turbo which has recently been rebuilt with a fully forged engine, Rev3 top end and engine management and a Turbo Technics T36 hybrid turbo. This is also used on track and again will help with testing and development of new parts.
We are at present testing a new range of uprated suspension components by Hardrace which we will be offering for sale once approved. We can also offer BC Racing coilovers, K Sport brakes, D2 brakes, EBC, Cosworth and Pagid brake pads, Takata Harnesses and the full range of Kleers Car Care products!
We aim to offer people the chance to have a chat about what would be best for their car and where they want to go with it, beit a trackday special or a shopping car (yes we still go shopping in Tigger by the way, the lack of rear seats really helps with a big shop!).The website should be properly up and running by the end of the week allowing easy access to ordering parts. Anybody wishing to order brake kits or suspension kits are advised to have a chat with us first though as we can help and advise what would be best for you. We are available Monday to Friday 09.00 till 18.00 via phone but feel free to call, text or email outside of those times and we will get back to you ASAP.
We are honoured to be associated with the FOCUSSTOC and the FOCUSRSOC forums and hope that we can offer the members of both forums a service that they will find invaluable. We are also on Twitter and Facebook and will be running our own You Tube channel as soon as we get 5 minutes to set it up. We shall have our own stand at Ford Fair and possibly Trax this year and look forward to meeting as many of you as possible there and at various shows and trackdays throughout the year. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Kirsty and Andy. :uk:
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#1118976 Traffic light Grand prix......or not!

Posted by WelshGeoff on 28 March 2012 - 19:51

Hope this post doesnt offend the mods or admin teams, if so delete at your pleasure.

Anyway....was out and about today and pulled up to a set of lights....there i was shades on, Foo fighters on the stereo, windows half open, enjoying the sunshine 8) ..when alongside me a saxo pulls up...I glance across and smile to myself at the noise coming from his "sports back box" with no doubt canon sized tail pipe...he starts to rev his, I rev mine (Id like to think my t/back mongoose with decat wins that one)...I glance across and he smiles then throws the one fingered salute at me, I smile back and give him the "short for richard" head signal and the lights turn green ....he floors it and gets a good car length in front ..........and what make me still chuckle is how much euforia did he he feel getting in front of a Focus ST at the lights .....before his bubble was burst and the realisation kicked in that I was actually turning left at those lights :lol:
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#1498158 Scammed by a site sponsor

Posted by Jim on 04 June 2013 - 09:56

Hi all,

As an Owner Club we are always in a very difficult position with issues like this. We do not and cannot vet Sponsors. I naturally make a common sense decision, unless the person is known to us, I only accept people registered as a Sole Trader or Limited companies.

No matter what, there are two versions of events to be heard, and we are in no position to judge either of them.

When a complaint like this is made, rather unfairly, the responsibility seems to fall on us as a Club to do something about it (I understand we are an obvious place to vet frustrations). We are in no position to be involved in any civil proceedings and I certainly do not personally want to be involved. I offer a platform for a company and a member to 'meet' the rest is down to you guys.

If a criminal investigation is ever held, I make it clear I will actively support the Officer in Case with any information I can provide, including personal messages. (in this case, it was all done outside of the forums as far as I am aware)

That said, I always have and will try to help out a Member or Sponsor where ever possible, Im fully aware I cannot just sit back and do nothing.

In the case of this sponsor, this is the second complaint I have received in the last month.

I'm now forced to sit here and weigh up the impact factors on any decision I make, looking at everything outside of the box (like all the staff have to do with every issue they deal with on here).

With immediate effect the company has been suspended as Club Sponsors, with a view to any future involvement being reviewed by the club.

I have offered them the opportunity to email me their response to this issue, which I will post as a new reply to this thread.

As for the clubs involvement past this point, I am sorry to say there is nothing else we can do.
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#1407737 Stolen ST225 from Dartford

Posted by GoFasterStripes on 07 March 2013 - 09:44


Thank you to everyone you have been so helpful.

The car has been FOUND and was monitored or chased by the Helicopter, two people arrested.

Well over the moon however I hope there is no damage
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#1293593 What mileage are you on?

Posted by monkeyrider74 on 06 November 2012 - 20:58

:whistle: 57 plate. 65k miles total, over 4k miles on the Nurburgring, about 2k on other tracks, 3 engines, 2 gearboxes, 4 clutches, one careful owner :lol:
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#5712274 Collected my car today... with pics

Posted by Janner on 12 March 2016 - 17:28

Finally collected my new car.... then set about fitting the mods I've had in my garage for months :)


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#3829106 I am a dad again :)

Posted by Ryan on 11 July 2014 - 19:29

Sorry for not being around these past few days but I am the proud father to another child. This time it's a little baby boy called Nathan who was born on the 10/07/14 at 7:23 PM weighing 7lb 15oz...............


Attached File  IMG_0311.JPG   178.9KB   0 downloads



I won't lie, the birth was not without complication and I am VERY grateful to a lot of people in the Worthing midwife unit that did a lot to help my wife and son. But that has now passed and I am hoping mother and baby will be allowed home tomorrow so we can carry on as one big happy family :)

#3671257 Look what I've won!!!!!

Posted by daztomo on 03 June 2014 - 11:40

surprised because I never win anything!!! Cheers Revo.


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#3528770 Adolf prefers the 2.5!

Posted by stingy on 04 May 2014 - 19:38


#1377910 I've Traded In the ST....

Posted by Alb on 08 February 2013 - 21:09

Ooops, forgot to mention the replacement. Sorry about that :shifty:
Here it is:

Attached File  RS Rear View.jpg   148.9KB   209 downloads

Attached File  RS Side View.jpg   142.68KB   204 downloads
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